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Maneki Space Cat +tassel

Maneki Space Cat +tassel

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Bring luck, style, and a touch of the cosmos to your daily adventures with our stunning Cosmic Maneki Cat Acrylic Keyring. This enchanting accessory features the iconic Maneki Cat, a symbol of good fortune, merged with the cosmic wonders of space. With its dual-sided design, shimmering glitter holographic accents, and elegant tassel, this keyring is a must-have for cat lovers and cosmic enthusiasts alike.

Maneki Cat Acrylic Keyring showcases On one side, a radiant white Maneki Cat sits against a backdrop of twinkling stars, while on the other side, a sleek black cat gazes into the infinite depths of space. the keyring's glitter holographic accents. As light dances across the surface, the shimmering particles create a mesmerizing play of colors, capturing attention and adding a touch of celestial magic to your day. this keyring features a graceful tassel in different colors. the dimensions of 6cm by 5cm, It easily attaches to your keys, bag, backpack, or any personal belongings, ensuring that good luck and cosmic vibes are always within reach.

Embrace the perfect blend of luck and cosmic wonder with the Cosmic Maneki Cat Acrylic Keyring. Carry this charming accessory with you wherever you go and let the celestial vibes guide your path. Order yours today and unlock a universe of positive energy and style.

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