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Blue fingerless gloves crochet-handmade

Blue fingerless gloves crochet-handmade

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Bye-bye to stiff, dull hands! Our handmade fingerless gloves in blue crochet are the cure. Crafted from plush acrylic yarn, they'll snugly keep your hands warm and inject a pop of color. Ideal for keeping toasty and trendy in chilly weather. Cozy and wooly but never scratchy!


Machine washable at 30°C or below.
Do not tumble dry.

these gloves are worked in the 

Beginner Fingerless Gloves in Back Loop Double Crochet with cuff pattern.

the pattern is available in the shop under digital downloads.

These measure 6' by 8' and will fit most hands

Although I'm certain this beanie is made entirely of acrylic, I can't verify it because it came from my stash without a label. Each beanie is washed before shipping, but there may be other fibers intertwined.

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