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Enamel Pin back remover bird - rubber clutch removal tool 3d print Digital file Stl V4.01

Enamel Pin back remover bird - rubber clutch removal tool 3d print Digital file Stl V4.01

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This is an STL file for the pin-back remover bird I sell in my Etsy shop.
this is for the removal of rubber clutches on enamel pins in the shape of a geometric "low poly" bird

This V4.01 this file is for the as-is bird you will need to experiment with your own printer settings to get the bird perfect for your own liking. I use an ender v3 and the following is how I set up my bird and should be taken at advisement only.

the layer height of 0.2 
gradual infill 
generated support and brim.


45.3mm X 121.2mm base  X 68.9mm tall

print time can be between 
4-6 hours but this varies per printer

this has been tested on the ender v3 using 1.75 pla plastic.

The last photos are of a printed bird. you are downloading the file to print not the physical item. If you want one that is already printed please check my other listings

when you have purchased the download it can take up to 24 hours to recive a link from etsy.  you will recive a zip file with the stl and a txtt document. you need the stl file to put into your slicer program of choice to print. 

Fine print as documented on the txt file.

All the rights belong to the seller ( Karmacranesillustrator/Rachel Connors). Forbidden for re-sale as 3D model or finished product. Rights protected in line with Etsy Policy.
I am not responsible for any failed prints you may have. Be sure to know your printer and preferred settings to get the best results.

There are no refunds if you buy this by accident thinking it is a physical item. If you want a complete bird already printed my latest version is available in the shop.

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