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Maneki Space Pin Set

Maneki Space Pin Set

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Space Maneki-Neko Acrylic Pin Set - a whimsical and meaningful way to carry a touch of good fortune and protection wherever you go. These charming pins are not just stylish accessories; they're a symbol of positivity and eco-consciousness.

Key Features:

🌌 Space Maneki-Neko: This lightweight acrylic pin set features the beloved Maneki-Neko (beckoning cat) adorned with a cosmic twist. These feline friends come in different colors, each representing unique attributes. The white cat symbolizes purity and happiness, while the black cat offers safety and protection from evil forces.

👐 Double Paw Action: These adorable Maneki-Neko pins have both paws raised, signifying their invitation to protect your home or business. Embrace the age-old tradition of this talisman, known to bring good luck and safeguard your surroundings.

🌎 Eco-Friendly: We are proud to offer eco-friendly products, and these 100% acrylic pins are crafted from recycled plastic. By choosing our pins, you're making a conscious decision to support sustainability and protect our planet.

📌 Versatile Application: The 25mm x 23mm size allows you to add these pins to your bags, lanyards, or pin boards with ease. You have the freedom to choose how you want to flaunt your Maneki-Neko, making them a versatile accessory for your everyday style.

🌟 Bold and Eye-Catching: The design of our Space Maneki-Neko pins is bold and vibrant, ensuring that they catch the eye and make a statement wherever you wear them. These pins pop with color and charm, instantly brightening your day.

🌟 Collar Pin Upgrade: Looking to elevate your style? We offer an optional chain attachment to transform your pins into a unique collar pin set, perfect for those who want to add a touch of luck and protection to their outfits.

With our Space Maneki-Neko Acrylic Pin Set, you can carry the power of good fortune and positive energies with you, all while making an eco-friendly choice. Add a touch of charm and meaning to your life and style, and invite the protective presence of these cosmic Maneki-Neko pins. They're more than accessories; they're a promise of positivity and sustainability. Make the choice to embrace luck, protection, and environmental responsibility with this delightful pin set!

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