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wibble wobble dnd math keychain

wibble wobble dnd math keychain

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Embark on your tabletop adventure with the charming Gelatinous Cube, sporting a vibrant shade of slimey green. This adorable creature is not your ordinary cube; it's filled with a complete set of Dungeons & Dragons dice, adding an element of surprise and adventure. The illustration is a playful nod to the 'Wibbly Wobbly DND : math' theme, blending fantasy with a touch of mathematical magic. The cube's gooey texture and cute demeanor invite you to explore its wobbly world, where imagination knows no bounds.

this adorable cube keychain features a protective plastic back if you would like me to remove please let me know, this little one measures 5 cm by 3.5cm with a drop of 10 cm from the themed green clasp

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